About IoT Acceleration Consortium


The IoT Acceleration Consortium aims to combine the strengths of government, industry, and academia and build a structure for developing and demonstrating technologies related to the promotion of IoT as well as creating and facilitating new business models. The consortium promotes (1) the development, demonstration, and standardization for IoT-related technologies and (2) creation of various IoT-related project and recommendations such as regulatory reform necessary to run those projects.


  1. Promotion of development and demonstration and standardization of technology concerning IoT, Big Data, AI, etc;
  2. The creation of various projects related to IoT, Big Data, AI, etc. and proposal of regulatory reform, etc. that is required to implement this project;
  3. Examination in accordance with the specific issues related to IoT, Big Data, AI such as security;
  4. Collection and transmission, and dissemination of information related to IoT, Big Data, AI, and the like;
  5. Business necessary to achieve the purpose of the Consortium.